We’re here to make sure you know you’re not alone and that you’ve got support. A supportive community of like minded people who not only get you, they want you to succeed too.

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I love Amanda’s pep talks and gems of wisdom, she often seems to have the right message at the right time for my husband and I.  One day she might be telling us to work hard and harden up the next day she sends a message of love and care with some strategic gold sprinkled on top like only Amanda can.  I feel truly blessed to have crossed paths with her and I draw constant inspiration and joy from seeing her succeed in all that she does. 

Roxy H.

There is no doubt in mind that this program is different, the messages are communicated repeatedly and clearly, the content is outstanding but the beauty lies in the community.

Janine A.

Thank you Amanda for creating a special place for us to connect, learn, and make our Dreams a reality. The ladies are wonderful, the energy is beautiful, the tools are amazing.

Anna P.

We had the privilege of having Amanda coach us with our business a few years ago. She went absolutely over and above with her training. Amanda has amazing knowledge, skill and wisdom with starting, growing and expanding your business. I absolutely love Amanda and am forever grateful for how she has helped us to transform our lives. I look forward to working with her again.

Casey M.

I Purchased the Millionairess course a few months ago during covid pandemic and I can tell you right now if it was not for Amanda, her course and her butterfly community I doubt I would have a business today. Yep! I fell down like a tone of bricks scared unsure what to do! But the Butterfly community picked me up again and I kept going! Amanda has tought many things but during this time turning the Tv off and turning Amanda’s lessons on instead has had a major impact not only in business, but the power of my mind I now believe YES I can do and have anything I want in life because do you know what?! I deserve it!!! I can really see what you feed your mind has a profound impact on your life especially business. When challenges arise now I power through them! And now at a flick of a button I now also know what the business has made, what the expenses are and what the profit is. Amanda teaches us of the importance of knowing your numbers in business. I now feel so empowered to keep ticking off my to do lists and reaching my goals! The lessons on self love alone in the Millionairess course have been a total life changer for me, as a mum you tend to put your self last, now I am doing and buying the things I love and deserve and it feels amazing! I now have a whole house of brand new furniture no more second hand things allowed in this house it not only looks amazing but smells amazing too haha! I have also changed in the area focused on “love” I remember the day my first son was born we decided hubby and I were number one and the baby will fit in with us! Well that lasted a few months then two more baby’s came lol .. so I decided ok what can I change to get that time with just my husband.... so because we deserve it and now know how to run business that can tick away with out us there we decided to have a date day every Monday! So we drop the kiddies off to school and kindy and we have a whole day to our self! I can tell you now ladies that is the best decision by far! I can write a whole book to tell you how much I have learnt in the Millionairess course and from Amanda’s live videos they are absolutely now essential if you are wanting to succeed in life and in business I feel absolutely blessed that I found Amanda! I can not wait to see what the next 5 years will bring following the course staying in the butterfly community, staying focused doing what I love. Thanks a million! Lots of love Kylie and Family xx 💋it

Kylie P.

I had lost who I was anymore and was trying to gather self help from this person and that person and different programmes and getting no where except frustrated with the time and money spent with no change! Then I found Amanda Jane and her community. Finally I found detailed structured lessons on all 7 areas of life in one place. The lessons are presented concisely, clearly and are very practical. Areas of my life are changing to the point where my family and friends are noticing and commenting. The mastermind Facebook group has immense love and support from each member. We are all from different places, ages and stages of our journeys but that doesn’t matter. We celebrate each others progress, support the challenges and are all moving together to live our purpose and dreams. Amanda Jane is a natural leader who is generously sharing her immense knowledge, love and support. What made a difference for me from any other mentor is that she is actually living her words. She walks her talk and is helping each one of us to each walk taller, stronger and happier. Xxx

Dizzy M.

Signing up has been the best thing I could ever done my myself. My personal growth is nothing short of amazing, others are noticing the difference in me too. I am loving the community, the life lessons from Amanda are incredible and I love creating my life by design. I will be forever grateful to Amanda and the community, this has seriously changed my life for the better. I am loving my transformation and am super excited for my future.

Majella G.

I'm a member of the program, it is absolutely fantastic, everybody is always uplifting, if you got anything that you might need to talk about, it’s the perfect opportunity to get in there and share with like-minded women. Just go for it, everybody welcomes you so much you get to talk to someone when you first join and from then on you become, you get more outgoing, you join in with people and it does change your life.

Terri W.

I love being part of the community, since I joined I have started a very interesting journey of self discovery and self empowerment to a different level. I have identified the areas of my life that I would like to grow and expand and I have identified my true vision and values. I recommend it for any woman who wants to become the best version of herself. Amanda Jane is an amazing coach and mentor always putting her heart out and inspiring and transforming our minds. I feel that I am where I have to be right now.

Nathaly M.

I have been part of Amanda Jane’s training in the past and just loved her down to earth and fun style of teaching. When her community came up, I didn’t hesitate to dive in. You couldn’t ask for a more uplifting, educational and empowering mentor than Amanda Jane and the Community of supportive women. I’ve been searching for my tribe and certainly feel like I’ve found it. In the time I’ve been a member, I’ve taken more action on moving towards my goals and dreams that in the past few years trying to do it largely on my own. I was lacking accountability but not anymore and the overwhelm is more manageable now. The lessons that Amanda Jane has devised are unique and invaluable and her Facebook videos are so uplifting and fun. I love that there is no pressure to do the work in a hurry. You can go at your own pace, knowing there are beautiful women to connect with going at their own pace too. I feel like I’ve finally got the momentum I’ve been needing all these years and this Community showed up just at the right time. Thanks girls and especially you Amanda Jane for your unflinching faith in us, lifting us up and bringing out the best that we can be.

Christine H.

I joined this community on the recommendation of a friend. She thought the supportive community, tools, coaching & environment would help me with my self esteem & other personal issues. A decision I have not regretted. Amanda Jane has created a warm nurturing environment that support personal growth & development... life-changing.

Suzanne H.

Absolutely love being in the community, what a great group of women!! And Amanda Jane you are fabulous… loving my “life by design dashboard” and all I have learnt and am implementing over the 7 areas of life!! Thanks for giving so much of your time and energy in the group, and creating this space for all women to thrive

Starzy M.

I knew immediately this was the place for me, Amanda is a world-class trainer, the course that she’s put together is better than anything I’ve ever seen in terms of life coaching.

Kylie M.

I love this program and since joining I have started to re-discover myself. I am looking at myself differently each day. The community is so inspiring, uplifting, open, honest and supportive. There is inspiration all around and I love that we are butterflies - forever evolving into beautiful people in every area. I have not had one moment of regret since I joined (except for why did I take so long?) Thank you so much Amanda.

Sharon M.

Amanda Jane opens the door to your inner self so you find your own individual strengths and she supports you. This group is amazing, I wouldn’t want to be without it, it’s given me so much in a short time. Amanda Jane has so much wisdom, life experience and fund to share, she’s helped me turn my life around. Thanks you Amanda and all the community!

Ruth M.

I'm part of Amandas community, I love it for the support I get from all the ladies inside the community and I highly recommend it if you're thinking about trying to improve any area of your life... you're worth it!

Helen D.

I've been part of the community for a few weeks now, it's an amazing community, I love the videos that Amanda puts up, the constant reminders keep me on track with my personal development and the ladies in the community are just so lovely, everybody's very supportive, so every day you get something out of it, you're inspired to live your life to the fullest to become who you want to be, so I can't thank Amanda enough she's my lighthouse, she guides me, she's just so wonderful and vibrant and full of such sage advice, so if you're thinking about it don't think, just do it, it's great.

Jane A.

I am so glad I am part of this community. It’s so uplifting and encouraging. Amanda Jane is a wonderful mentor and is so passionate about helping other people to live their best life.

Karen C.

I was glued to Amanda's book and by the end of it, I just knew that Amanda was the mentor for me!!! She speaks so honestly from the heart and I am just loving being part of the community.

Yvonne M.

"I just wanna say thank you so much Amanda for this awesome community, I feel absolutely honoured to be part of it, you just feel like you've joined your home and your family and there's nothing that you can't say and there's nobody that will not understand how you're feeling and the course is absolutely awesome. Every bit of content you can relate to and it’s fantastic. Anybody that's looking at joining, just do it. It's very confronting to think that maybe I won't be excepted, maybe you know self-doubt comes in, put it aside, I promise you this is the community for you"

Paula K.

Since being part of Amanda’s Millionairess Community I have found some of the biggest stumbling blocks I was experiencing in my life, overflowing to my business, have been over come. Through her lessons and continuous guidance I can now see the light. I feel as though I am ME again and to be honest, I wasn’t sure I'd ever see that person again. I'm more confident and have so much more clarity about where I am heading. Amanda has kept me focused, always moving forward and even in these uncertain times, business is booming. It's so reassuring knowing I have Amanda and the rest of the Community behind me, cheering me on. Loving the Journey

Deslee O.

Feel the fear and do it anyway....and as a result I now have a 7 figure income and growing, plus my husband Geoff has been able to leave his full time corporate role and join me in our business!!!!! This is the number one lesson I have learnt from Amanda Clarkson, who has been my mentor for the past 8 years. Why would I need a mentor to help me achieve an income I wanted but had no idea how to achieve? The answer is simple, Amanda already had the results and life style that I was striving I knew she was the 'real deal' - A hugely successful business woman, who absolutely loved what she was doing, and loved sharing with others how too.

Cathy Y.

Amanda has effectively taken my 30 years of learning and turned it into inspired action. Her real and relatable mentoring has resurrected my drive and vision and provided effective strategies to monetise my unique skill set. Now that I’m implementing her LIVE NOW formula, the growth of my business is expediating with ease and grace. Instead of being manic in my approach, I am finding balance and feeling wealth on a much deeper level.

Sandra H.

Since joining Amanda’s Mastermind group and following her LIVE NOW formula and guidance, I have become a Stronger Leader in my Business and when problems arise, I have learnt to look a situations differently through changing my perception. I now have control over my emotions, which enables me to make better decisions, which ultimately effects our bottom line. I love Amanda’s down to earth approach, because she certainly understands the entrepreneurial journey inside and out and absolutely walks her talk.

Bernie C.

Hi Amanda, I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you so much for giving me the confidence to totally overhaul my life. Until I found you, Amanda, and started to genuinely and honestly work on myself with you alongside me, I would not have spoken up, and not have found my passion. I don’t actually know how to thank you, but having the ability to resonate so clearly with someone’s soul is a gift. I am actually creating MY life by design.

Susan P.

I absolutely love being Mentored by Amanda. She never asks or expects anything from me that she has not done herself throughout her own Journey. She’s humble, honest, down to earth and so relatable … I feel she really get me! My husband and I have been in business for 19 years however with Amanda’s guidance I have been able to step out of my comfort zone and pursue my own goals. Through her Mentoring I am now able to see a bigger picture for myself and my family. I’m attracting more abundance into my life, both financial and relationships, on all levels. Learning to balance All 7 areas of life has had a profound effect on my life. Before having Amanda’s guidance, my life was manic. I knew this had to change, but I did not know where to start. She has shown me, through her own actions, that looking after ‘Self ‘is paramount. I now understand that this is a continuous journey and I feel to blessed to have both Amanda and the other amazing women inside the Community along side me.

Majella G.

Over the last 13 months my Money blueprint or my past conditioning has completely changed. I now have a new loving relationship with money. I used to be so fearful that I that I strangled money to death. It had no hope of coming in and I feared parting with my money, so I was living in Survival Mode. I am now receiving and giving Money with more grace and ease and I feel deserving of it. Recently Amanda taught us the difference between selling and “Soulful Selling”. I had always hated selling but Amanda has totally transformed this perception by helping the customer to not only solve their problem but to invest in themselves and explain all the benefits that they will gain in the process. After this one lesson alone, the following week I made a SOULFUL SALE OF $2,500 through MY SERVICE.

Isla T.

Amanda understood my business idea and also provided alternative viewpoints for strategy, marketing and networking. I’ve become more organised, focus orientated with a positive outlook. Not only has my business become more successful, Amanda’s mentoring has had a major impact on my life, including my relationship with my family and friends. My new found confidence has had such a positive impact, and this was the biggest surprise for me. Now I live my life on my terms, Amanda assisted me to empower myself in ways I had not thought of both in business and my personal life. Negative beliefs that were holding me back are now banished, I’ve become laser focused, all doubts have been crushed thanks to Amanda.

Rosie C.

I discovered Amanda at a Business function about 7mths ago. I loved her presence from stage, and the ‘Girl Power’ that just oozed from her. I loved her honesty, rawness and how she is always wiling to share how she become Financially Free, without hiding the Ups and Downs through out her Journey. I can honestly say, she has shared more success principals and action steps with me, than any other successful person was will to, even close family and I know I can trust her. I can Feel that she has my best interest at heart and wants my success as much as me. Without her mentoring. especially through this global crisis, I honestly believe, that I would not have been able to keep my Business going… Amanda kept me sane and through her live posts and interaction within our Mastermind, she gave me strength and hope when I felt overwhelmed and did not know how to move forward. BUT NOW, I am coming out the other side so much stronger than ever before. Through the action steps she gave me, I am now more equipped to deal with whatever situation comes my way. She has given me the confidence rethink/change how I originally ran my business and I’m now heading in a whole different direction. I am now making more money than I ever did before, but with Less Staff and Less Hours and more Flexibility. This has hugely impacted my family life as I’m now able to work my hours around my Husband and Children, who are my Number One priority. I now know that growing my business does not have to come at the expense of Family life. For any women out there with tears in my eyes and hand on my heart I would say just go for it. She will give you the ‘Girl Power’ and all the Encouragement that you need to achieve your wildest dreams.

Kylie P.

Thank you Amanda for having such an open and giving heart! You tick so many boxes on how I would like to be and how Id like my life to be. I just love it, your such an inspiration for me to keep pushing forwards and making progress. Giving up has never been an option for me, it just hasn’t. Long pauses and gaps in life, but never giving up.

Lisa K.

Amanda I am so honoured to be part of this Community. I sure did see a lot of myself while listening to your book. You and Matt never gave up on your dreams, as much as you got knocked down. I love that! I have been to many o your Seminars and am so grateful that we have followed each other’s Journey ever since. Dreams do come true, and mine are just beginning. Big Big Hugs. Love you lots.

Kaz N.

Wow .. just read your book and I Loved it!! When I was reading it, I felt like you were speaking just to me and I could hear your voice .. giggles and a few expletives … written just like you speak, with laughter and all. Thank you Amanda, your a gorgeous down to earth Ozzie woman who has an incredible journey ahead of you … Thank you for sharing. Lyn.

Lyn S.

What an amazing Community of Amazing positive women you have created Amanda. So grateful to be part of it and so excited for 2019. Thank you , Thank you, Thanks you

Jo Y.

I believe in you Amanda. Thanks you so much for all your passion and your common sense approach to life and business.

Kristina W.

I have to say Amanda … your book is one of the loveliest books I have read in a long long time. I was sorry to finished it! I love that you write in a raw and honest way, (typical you though) Holy Heck, I related to the GFC story, ha, and others. Yes, its a personal development book but its more like reading a letter from a friend … this is going to make such a difference to so many womens live’s. Im keeping this one next to my bed Girlfriend.

Lucy W.

Amanda Jane Clarkson my life is changing my life every day already thanks to your guidance. Figuring so much out and taking the actions to correct. Powerful shifts going on. Lot of retrospection, realisations and new attitudes coming forth. SO grateful to you and SO exciting to experience.

Helen D.

My new FAV podcast! I’ve been looking for a new inspiring, and helpful podcast (particularly by a female) for so long, as I’ve found so many I listen to are from a male’s perspective….This is now my new favourite podcast! Amanda is insightful, motivating, inspiring and funny. After listening to only a few episodes, I already feel like I have so much more clarity around my life and the direction I want it to take. Thank you so much Amanda for sharing your wisdom! Haley x

Haley W.

Being a young entrepreneur bossmum myself, having Amanda at my fingertips has helped grow and change me into a much better version of myself. You will find wonderful gems you can take away and implement into your daily life. Everyone needs to stay on track and I’m excited to see what the other podcasts have installed for us! Loads of encouragement, empowerment and little gifts of gold, but more importantly being reminded to life now a joyful adventure with plenty of laughs and love. You won’t be disappointed ladies!


Thank you beautiful lady for all the time you put in to help us all.. So appreciated.

Yonie T.

Thank you Gorgeous .. I appreciate all your time and just THE LOVE of people you have.

Lucy K.

Always love your inspirational talks Amanda. They always help put the day into perspective.

Rhonda S.

Fabulous inspiration for females where Amanda Jane shows you how to ‘Dare to Live your Dream’.Love it xx


Amanda speaks from the heart and from her life experience. Amanda walks the talk. She has plenty of wisdom to impart and very easy to listen to. She is the real deal. A very inspiring woman! Lots of golden nuggets in her podcasts.

Sunrise 200

Inspirational Amanda has so much to share from her own experiences that we can all relate to. I highly recommend listening to Amanda as a mentor as her soulful heart shines through. If you are looking to grow, change or just have a friend at hand then Amanda is your girl x

Yoga Jen1

Your Life by Design Do you believe your dreams can come true? From having struggled in life herself, Amanda knows all too well what goes through women’s heads. She is now passionate about inspiring other women and has promised to leave no woman behind. She shares because she truly cares and will do everything she can for you.


Just what I needed, when I needed it I love listening to Amanda Jane, such passion for life with wonderful knowledge to share. Am just a few years younger than Amanda Jane and find her insights so pertinent to my life right now and what I am trying to accomplish for myself. I really feel I’ve found a kindred spirit, one I can empathise with and definitely learn from. Such perfect timing. Thank you Amanda Jane, more please!


Never give up Amanda is such an inspirational, beautiful, joyful, loving person. I call her all in one. Very hard to find such a beautiful soul on this planet who loves everyone unconditionally. I own her book. Read it. You will learn to implement it in your life. Never give up gorgeous butterflies!!


What every woman needs! Amanda has a knack at deciphering sometimes seemingly complex and emotionally charged topics we face everyday then providing actionable life tools to implement. Well worth subscribing.

Nancene D.

Please tell me that offer is valid for me as well Ms. Amanda. Great advice........ Well actually. MORE. I burst out crying and yelled at the phone "No you DID deserve it". It was so painful to hear your story. I am happy to know that your story ended very positive. Some kids being humiliated or bullied couldn't handle the pressure. Thank you for being a light in my cloud and being obedient to the call of teaching

Semaria W.

The Greatest Wisdom Filled with inspiration and Motivation. It’s like having a world of Wisdom in my pocket. Such awesome content! Real, honest, raw and authentic. Every woman needs Amanda on their team!


7 areas of life. Wow your first 4 episodes are very relatable. I like how you’ve defined the 7 areas of life to focus on, great idea to make sure we get 100% happy and balanced. Thanks Amanda.

Farah and Jac

Inspirational Thank you Amanda Jane for your inspiring message, and introducing your podcast. I look forward to having you keep me company as I go about my day - your insights and perspective have been a real practical help. I’m about to hit 50 which feels like such a crossroads - this is perfect timing!

Clare C.

Thank you Amanda for entering the podcast world .... 😃 I love to listen to your message and can’t wait for the next episode!!

Ellie H.

I feel absolutely honoured to be part of this awesome community. Every bit of content you can relate to and it’s fantastic. Anybody that’s looking at joining, just do it.

Paula K.

Amanda Is The Real Deal I love, love, love Amanda’s podcasts. I always learn something new and something that can be applied in my life straight away. I have been able to go from earning a wage to creating an income I never could have dreamt of by living my dreams that Amanda helped to unlock. If you listen to just one person today... Make it Amanda Jane Clarkson.

Cathy Y.

Down to earth life lessons. I wish I had Amanda as a mentor when I was 20. It would have saved a lot of painful lessons learnt the hard way but it’s never too late! Amanda shares her real life struggles and how she went from frustrated to Fabulous!


Amanda Jane Clarkson is very down to earth and real. Amanda came through a lot of adversity that I could easily relate to make a life for herself that most people can only dream of. Amanda is a multimillionaire, a Bestselling author, a life and wealth coach. Amanda has set up Gday Gorgeous to impact, inspire and empower women to take control of their life and become the best that you can be. I now feel more confident to be myself and speak up with confidence in who I am rather than suppressing myself and feeling miserable. Amanda has also set up a Mastermind positive uplifting support group for the women who join the G'day Gorgeous group so they can inspire and empower each other. We all love Amanda Jane Clarkson and how she is transforming our lives one step at a time and one day at a time. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Isla

Isla T.

Superb Content Congrats Amanda on the new part of your life’s journey. I know you’ll inspire so many more women to reach their full potential with your life experiences and wisdoms. Pxx


Beautiful words from a Beautiful Person. Listening to Amanda’s Podcasts is like having a conversation with her over a cup of tea. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us


The Butterfly Effect - An amazing woman who wants to guide you through your life from her own experiences of love, relationships, money and health. Truly an amazing podcast!

QsT Xii

Thank you Amanda Jane for the raw, honest truth delivered in such a friendly, heartfelt manner. So many powerful messages that really hit home. Your passion shines through as you share your pearls of wisdom.


So real Amanda, the information you shared in these podcasts is so different to anything else I have come across in this space. Your passion is so inspiring. I’ve been searching for great quality information in order to make changes in my life. Thank you so much for sharing and helping me to see I can have the life I want if I am willing to do what is needed.

Jo from Australia

Great in person and on Podcasts. I’ve seen Amanda live and now can listen to her in the privacy of my own home. Love your work Amanda, keep up the content and the great work.


Amazing lady Amanda is inspirational, motivating and very relatable. I love listening to Amanda’s podcast & have had the pleasure of watching her live on stage. Thank you Amanda for the laughs, the tears & for the invaluable information this far.


G’day right back at ya. Amanda, thank you for putting this podcast together. It’s just what I needed, at the right time. I can resonate with your talk about toxic self talk and our upbringing and all the hurdles we can overcome with the right people and support. Looking forward to more.


Changing my Life - One day at a time I have been following Amanda Clarkson for a little while now, and I can say with absolute honesty, that she shares, from the heart, all the tools with which to change your life. She has clearly been learning her life lessons for many, many years. She speaks of numerous mentors, many of whom I have heard of, and others I have not. She is extremely well read, and she has enough rubber-on-the-road with her own personal experience that her teaching is sincere and worth listening to. The beautiful benefit of listening to her is that she brings all her personal learnings, plus 25+ years worth of personal development reading-content into succinct, manageable and understandable chunks. She is eloquent but also down to earth in her delivery. There is just enough repetition that you really “get” it! You will receive so much benefit from Amanda’s content; the podcasts are worth listening to more than once and then you’ll want to share them with those that you love most. From me: Highly Recommended! 5 stars!


Harmony Amanda, you are so inspirational! I have been a fan of yours for many many years.. I love how down to earth you are. Getting closer to retirement age is a bit scary and not knowing the unknown.. I can’t wait to listen to more podcasts. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.


So inspirational!!! Amanda is such an inspiration. I love her passion and commitment to helping others to live the life they desire. It’s great that Amanda empowers women to give them the skills and confidence to be successful in all areas of their life. I highly recommend Amanda’s teachings.


So inspiring! Love your work Amanda. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and help. Keep us gals motivated.

Donna B.

Gday Gorgeous to help you Grow. A fantastic resource from my incredible mentor. I’m sure every woman could use advice from the amazing Amanda Jane Clarkson. What a gift these Podcasts will be to everyone xx

Butterfly Helen

The Real Deal. Amanda-Jane’s podcast is like a breath of fresh air. As a 40-something woman who is feeling a little lost, her words of wisdom really resonate. Thanks Amanda-Jane - I can’t wait for more.


Fantastic content. I can so relate... Looking forward to more messages of inspiration to help me move forward.

Fabulous Content

Such incredible content and amazing lessons. Love the way you explain everything. Easy to understand so I can take action. Can’t wait for the next one. X


From a great place. I may not be the target market (male) but I do know that the heart and the soul of this information is true, generous and dedicated to the best version of you that is possible. This is a must listen for anyone seeking inspiration from a truly inspiring source.


Honestly it’s brilliant! Plus I have had a few questions and technical issues and each time they get back to you straight away. Weekends, weekdays, anytime. I’ve watched the course a few times and it’s so valuable.

Michelle T.

You are absolutely amazing Amanda. The inspiration of reading your book and listening to you has brought so much gratitude and thankfulness to you. Thank you. You are truly a beautiful lady and deserve all the love, success and money in the world. Thank you for caring and sharing. xx

Bre X

Hi Gorgeous, you’re definitely my Mentor and one day I will have the Privilege of talking on stage with you .. I’m working on it. I admire Adam Hudson for introducing you to me! You were a star on the RE stage and here you are on Millionairess Magazine! Phenomenal. Love it! I join you! Lets move the female’s Hearts and Minds! X

Aleksandra Z.

I love Amanda. She’s mixed with the best but she is honest, down to earth and feels like one of your Girlfriends. It not like someone you can’t relate to because she has lived life and it’s ups and down and happily shares that with you. Amanda imparts so much knowledge that she has spent years and hundreds of thousands of dollars gaining, freely & generously. I have been following Amanda for about 18 months now and highly recommend any woman that wants to achieve what they are really meant for, want to improve their life & to recognize the gifts and talents that we have, to listen to her podcasts and join her Community like I have… The best is yet to come. All the Best Amanda

Pilita W.

Amanda’s way of presenting Information is awe inspiring. Her enthusiasm is catchy. I love hearing everything she has to share. Follow her Podcasts and your life will change for the better. I love being part of her Community.

Terri W.

Raw and Authentic This is my second time engaging with Amanda’s offerings. And I love this one. Amanda’s approach is reflective, supportive and engaging. Her “lessons” are birthed through experience and so are authentic. Thanks Amanda - always a powerhouse of learning.


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